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On April 11, we were pleased to have Mario Janesin speak to us on Assistive Technology and Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities, Disability Awareness and Sensitivity, and Active Shooter Awareness Guidance.
You can read and/or download the ADA DISASTER PREP BOOKLET and the Cal OES Active Shooter Awareness Guide that Mario discussed.

Banning is hosting its 11th annual Disaster Preparedness Expo on Saturday April 29th from 10 am to 2pm at the Banning City Hall.
For complete information, click on the ANNOUNCEMENTS link above.


It is PassComm's mission to act as a central point of information, preparation and training for emergencies or disasters that may affect residents in the San Gorgonio Pass communities. This is accomplished by stimulating awareness of the need for citizens and businesses to prepare for emergencies and/or disasters that could occur in the San Gorgonio Pass area; organizing training and assistance to ensure that the public and business community know what to do before, during and after an emergency or disaster; assisting local government in preparing for their role in emergency and/or disaster incidents and enhancing the working relationships between emergency response organizations. We are proud to work with local municipalities, volunteer organizations, and the Emergency Agencies that serve the Pass Area.

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